Pastoral Care

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Here at the college, we understand that with any course, personal development is an important aspect that we try to nurture through academic and pastoral support. Although academic achievement is the principal purpose of each course, personal growth and a sense of achievement for the students is key to the enjoyment of the whole process.

We encourage that growth and sense of achievement in the following ways:

  • Establishing an early connection with each new student to welcome them to the college and ensure that any initial concerns and anxieties are kept to a minimum
  • Guidance in both educational and personal development throughout the course, within specific and reasonable boundaries
  • Ensuring there is regular contact with students and being available for appointed times to review progress and identifying any difficulties students may be experiencing
  • Engaging with, or giving contact details for, other professionals or members of staff as required with prior agreement, to offer on-going support, be it academic or personal
  • Helping to reassure with kindness, and encouraging students that they have a voice and they will be heard when the need arises
  • A bi-monthly newsletter that goes out to students to keep them in touch with up-to-date news and happenings within the college and in the wider homeopathic and health community
  • The newsletter also encourages student participation through submission of case studies

CNHH Admissions & General Contact

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  • 0800 264 432