Diploma of Homeopathy

Dip Hom

The New Zealand Diploma in Homeopathy (Human Health) is an NZQA Accredited Level 6, 120 Credit qualification offering training in all aspects of chronic case management in homeopathy. This programme is the pathway from the required prerequisite of our New Zealand Diploma in Acute Prescribing with Homeopathy (Level 5).

Do you have a passion and desire to have a larger impact on the health of your family, friends and community? Then this is the perfect place to continue the homeopathy journey!

Graduates of this program in New Zealand and around the world provide clinical expertise in human homeopathy, whilst working within the scope of practice defined by the complementary medicine industry.

Students will develop interpersonal skills required to establish and maintain effective helping relationships with clients, explore business planning, marketing and finance, and gain an understanding of legal and regulatory issues.

The homeopathic foundation method is provided and students are introduced to the remedy picture and the client picture, while students’ understanding of the homeopathic principles will be extended through the study of Hahnemann’s miasmatic theory in the treatment of chronic disease states, and its contemporary derivations.

Concepts of ‘groups and families’ in the study of homeopathic remedies are introduced, along with the need for repertorial analysis and the use of the Boenninghausen repertory and methodology.

Homeopathic case management is extended to include common medical conditions such as diseases of the immune system, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, skin, respiratory system and musculoskeletal system, which prepares students to evaluate individual approaches to case management within the challenges of clients with multiple disease states.

Academic theory relating to homeopathic philosophy and principles and its application to clinical practice is covered, in order to prepare students for clinical practicum.

Disease states of the human body systems are covered, and nutritional studies establish an essential bridge between health science and nutritional medicine.

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of human nutritional science, including the biochemical and physiological functions of individual macro and micronutrients, the importance of nutrients in normal cell function, energy balance and metabolism, and the consequences of deficiencies or excesses on human health.

The course covers the following:

  • Clinical Science Skills of the Helper
  • Homeopathy Clinical Practice Human
  • Homeopathy Chronic Disease Theory Human
  • Homeopathy Case Taking, Methods and Remedies Human
  • Pathophysiology Human
  • Homeopathy Therapeutics for Conditions Human

Graduates of the Human Health strand will be able to consult with clients, analyse complex client conditions and prescribe appropriate homeopathic remedies.
Where a client may need additional (non-homeopathic) support, graduates will be able to communicate with and refer clients to other wellness practitioners and medical professionals.

Qualification and Accreditation

  • The New Zealand Diploma in Homeopathy (Human Health) (Level 6) will be awarded to students who successfully complete the programme.
  • The qualification is approved and accredited by NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority).
  • The New Zealand Diploma in Homeopathy (Human Health) is approved for domestic student loans. *Conditions apply with part-time study through study-link*
  • Graduates will be entitled to use the designation DipHom (NZ).

Course Format

Online: The duration is 80 weeks part-time and can start anytime from anywhere in the world. Study requires you to commit to a minimum of 17 hours per week which includes lectures, assignments and self-directed learning.

Study Dates:

  • Online – Anytime

Applications for Online study are now open, to apply please submit an application via www.cnhh.ac.nz/enrol

Course Fees:

The New Zealand Diploma in Homeopathy (Human Health) (Level 6) :

Domestic students $6,190.00 including GST

International students $9,500.00 including GST

DISCLAIMER: To our future international students, our Diploma in Homeopathy Level 6 for both Human and Animal Health – is pending approval from NZQA for Offshore study. We endeavour to have this completed in 2021. Thank you for your patience.

Scholarships are available for domestic students only. Applicants will need to provide proof of financial hardship. Each case is assessed individually and the decision is made at the discretion of the academic committee.

Refund Policy

If a student wishes to withdraw from the College of Natural Health & Homeopathy, the student must notify the College in writing of the decision to withdraw.

When the College receives notification it will refund unused fees according to the requirements of the Education Act 1989 Section 236A.

More information on Refunds can be found at https://cnhh.ac.nz/future-students/course-fees-and-payment/

CNHH Admissions & General Contact

  • PO Box 84226, Westgate, Auckland 0657, New Zealand
  • 0800 264 432
  • info@cnhh.ac.nz