Course Fees & Payment

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Course fees are to be paid in full and are due at the beginning of the course.

The NZQA and Ministry of Education requires the College to indemnify students’ fees throughout the academic year. The College’s policy is to maintain an extended trust account for fee protection in order to further protect student fees. Student fees are transferred from a trust account only as they are used by students. In the unlikely event of the College ceasing to operate, students can obtain a refund of unused fees from trustees.

To be classified as a domestic student you either need to hold NZ Citizenship or NZ Permanent Residency. For NZ Residency visa holders, you are a domestic student, however, to be eligible for Studylink – you would need to meet the criteria of having held a Resident Class Visa for 3 Years, otherwise, you would be required to self-fund fees.

Course fees do not include textbooks and other study-related resources. These study-related costs can vary from year to year. 

The College Diplomas are NZQA accredited and for domestic students, they are accepted for student loans and fees-free if you are eligible. Please note with part-time study, student allowances and course-related costs are not applicable. Please contact Studylink to check if you are eligible to apply.


The College follows the following NZQA prescribed rules for student fee refunds:
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fee refund flow chart

No refund will be given after the expiry of the defined refund periods set out in the Chart above, unless special circumstances are approved by the College Management.
In all cases where refunds are approved, the refunded fees will be returned to MSD/Studylink (if paid via Student Loan), transferred to the students new provider (in the case of CNHH closure), or refunded to the student (where the two previous options do not apply).


College of Natural Health & Homeopathy has the following scholarship arrangements:

Scholarships are available for domestic students only. 

Applicants will need to provide proof of financial hardship and be declined a student loan through Studylink. Each case is assessed individually and the decision is made at the discretion of the academic committee.

General scholarships are available at the discretion of the College.

Please contact the College at for further information. Scholarships are available only for NZ Citizens or residents.

CNHH Admissions & General Contact

  • PO Box 84226, Westgate, Auckland 0657, New Zealand
  • 0800 264 432