Teaching Philosophy

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Our Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is to preserve, share and advance the philosophy of natural medicine within a worldwide community. The College of Natural Health & Homeopathy is a registered training establishment with the New Zealand Qualifcations Authority (NZQA) and is focused on ensuring the philosophy of natural medicine is preserved as interest in this area grows.

The College of Natural Health & Homeopathy is committed to producing graduates of the highest quality, with all qualifications preparing students for formal practitioner registration with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH).

Our Values

Our values guide each and every interaction we have with our students, staff, consumers and all our stakeholders and reflect our teaching philosophy:

  • Authenticity: We do not pretend. We are warm and genuine and understand that robust discussions aim to support openness and growth. We value ethical behaviour, demonstrated by our openness, honesty, and integrity in all of our dealings. We affirm our actions, those of others and the organization. We value a collegial work environment where everyone feels they are contributing. We create an open, relaxed atmosphere with a balance of fun and productivity.
  • Clarity: We speak to the facts. We do not create a mythology based on incorrect information. We verify the data and we act in the interests of clarity.
  • Student Centricity: All students are central to our existence. We work to engage and satisfy our prospective, current and past students like no other tertiary institution. We value caring for our students, our staff and the wider community holistically and sustainably, where life-work balance is acknowledged.
  • Happiness: We value positivity, joy, kindness, encouragement and strive to be in the present moment. We affirm our own actions, those of others and the organisation.
  • Embodiment: We teach, support, live and breathe natural medicine and well-being. We walk the talk, and be the contributions large or small, we consciously find ways to contribute to a holistic approach in everything we do. We live by the natural principles and laws that govern health and healing, encouraging flow, centeredness and elasticity, and seek innovation, original solutions and flexibility in our approach to education provision.
  • Responsibility: We take personal ownership of our actions. We do not blame others. When we commit, we follow through. We model the very best in ethical conduct. We work well in teams, respect ourselves, our organisation, and our students. We respect diversity and value tolerance.
  • Quality: We value quality, embracing uncompromising standards in service provision, teaching, learning and clinical practice. We value lifelong learning. We encourage the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and skills in our students as well as our staff through appropriate professional development opportunities.

Our highly qualified staff are here to assist you in becoming a fully qualified homeopathic practitioner by completing one of our accredited programmes.

CNHH Admissions & General Contact

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  • 0800 264 432
  • info@cnhh.ac.nz