New Zealand Diploma in Acute Prescribing with Homeopathy

The New Zealand Diploma in Acute Prescribing with Homeopathy is an NZQA Accredited Level 5, 120 Credit qualification offering training in all aspects of acute homeopathy – from philosophy and theory to medical science and practical acute clinical application.

This course will give students essential homeopathic knowledge to prescribe acute remedies to friends, family and clients in common acute situations such as headaches, cuts, scrapes, bruises, fevers, flus and stomach upsets to name a few.

Students will also learn the required skills to engage in an acute clinical environment including methods of client case taking along with business practices and marketing skills to ensure graduates can successfully setup and manage their acute prescribing practice.

Throughout this course students will understand their unique scope of practice within the wider complementary health sector all while learning when to refer to other health practitioners as necessary.

Graduates of this programme are eligible for entry into the New Zealand Diploma in Chronic Case Management with Homeopathy (Level 6).

Course subjects

  • History & Philosophy – Where homeopathy comes from, why we use homeopathy and how to use it safely and effectively.
  • Materia Medica and Therapeutics – Learning about individual homeopathic remedies, where they come from, what conditions and symptoms we use them for. At this level it will be for acute conditions only.
  • Medical Science – Anatomy and physiology of the body, learning what is normal structure and function in the body so that we can then identify when things go wrong.
  • History of Healing – How healing has developed over the millennia and where homeopathy came into this timeline.
  • Research and critical thinking – An introduction into research and evidence based practise. At this level we will look at how to search for literature and how to read a paper.
  • Clinical Practice – This consists of paper cases and live case taking to develop the necessary skills to gather knowledge  to confidently and safely prescribe remedies.

Course Format

Online: Full online learning is available and can be started at any stage during the year. Delivered over 68 weeks, this part time study option requires a minimum of 10 hours online study per week, plus further self directed study as needed

Attending: Attending classes are held at our Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch Campuses. Delivered over 34 weeks, this full time study mode requires a minimum of 20 hours attendance per week, with a further 13 hours self directed study/revision per week recommended.

*Attending courses are subject to minimum student numbers and timetables maybe altered or courses cancelled at the discretion of the college.

Accreditation Information

  • The New Zealand Diploma in Acute Prescribing using Homeopathy – Level 5 will be awarded to students who successfully complete the programme.
  • The qualification is approved and accredited by NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority). The NZ Dip in Acute Prescribing using Homeopathy  is approved for StudyLink student loans and allowances.
  • Graduates will be able to prescribe homeopathy for acute situations.

Further Study Pathways

This programme pathways to the New Zealand Diploma in Chronic Case Management – Level 6 which will advance your skills and widen your scope of practice to allow graduates to prescribe for chronic conditions.

Study Dates

  • Online – from January 2018
  • Attending – February 2018 (exact start/finish dates TBA)

Applications for 2018 Online & Attending study are now open, to apply please submit an application via

Scholarships available for Maori & Pacific applicants and those under financial hardship.

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