Graduate Stories

Angelika Fowlie – Diploma in  Homeopathy Graduate


I grew up in Germany and Homeopathy and natural medicine were often prescribed by doctors for minor illnesses. I studied homeopathy so I can support my children in the most natural and safe way but also that our community has the possibility to access a Homeopath. As a mother of three, I loved the flexibility and the possibility to study online with CNHH to get my Diploma in Homeopathy. The college has a great team that is very friendly and supportive. They are just a phone call or e-mail away. You feel like you are there and being a part of the college even when you watch the lectures online or over zoom.

Liane Donovan – Diploma in Homeopathy (Animal Health) Graduate


Liane has spent the past 30 years as a communications professional but has always had a passion for animal health and welfare.  She is a longstanding supporter of animal rescue and welfare groups both in New Zealand and internationally. As well as fostering SPCA animals, Liane also boards Guide Dogs and works with dog rescue organisations.

Completing a four year Animal Homeopathy Diploma at the College of Natural Health & Homeopathy meant I was learning from some of New Zealand’s most experienced practitioners.  The passion and knowledge of tutors was inspiring.  Fellow students, from all walks of life, were a delight to meet and get to know.  Clinical training days, where we got to meet farmers, horse stud owners, thoroughbred rehabilitation specialists, veterinarians and practicing animal homeopaths, delivered sound, practical teachings that I have taken forward into my practice.  A highly professional and supportive environment in which to learn.

As a fully qualified Animal Homeopath Liane is now fulfilling her dream of assisting animals with their health and wellbeing.

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Georgia Ziegler – Diploma in Homeopathy Graduate

I couldn’t recommend the College of Health and Homeopathy enough to anyone interested in natural holistic healthcare and energetic medicine. Learning about Homeopathy and becoming a practitioner through the College has been one of the most life changing and important things in my life to date. The College and all the lecturers were very supportive, inspiring and empowering. The guidance I received along my journey as a student kept me feeling understood, uplifted and constantly inspired to continue learning and do my best. You will see yourself transform over the years of your study and develop into a more conscious being. Homeopathy is an incredible medicine and wonderful therapy to be able to offer the world.

As a Registered Homeopath in Auckland, Georgia is available for Homeopathic Consultations via skype or in clinic in Torbay, to assist you on your journey to health and happiness. She works to understand what dis-ease is for each individual, what their unique expression of symptoms are, to find the essence of the person and treat them as a  whole. Georgia believes in the body’s innate healing abilities, and the ability of homeopathy to help unlock those capabilities. Georgia is here to empower and hold space to facilitate healing.

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Lois Morpeth – Diploma in Homeopathy Graduate


I loved the college because of the time flexibility, it fitted around everything with the monthly weekends.
I never saw anything else that functioned around my busy lifestyle so it has opened up an area of life to achieve what I wanted without having any struggle.
My background has been as a teacher, and then as a result of personal health issues I was prevented from continuing, These issues led to weight management problems along with other serious problems which led me to seek symptom relief from natural therapies. I fell in love with what could be achieved through the improvement of good nutrition from my own results. My son also developed serious allergies and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which led me to becoming very interested in this area, working with a support group, assisting other parents in this situation with eliminating allergens and improving diet. I am  now a qualified classical homeopathic practitioner.

Barbara Roberts – Diploma in Homeopathy Graduate


I initially undertook the foundation year to learn acute prescribing to supplement my work as a Pharmacist. I was impressed with the calibre of the teaching and the support available to students and went on to complete the full four year diploma course (over six years, having two children and moving cities twice). CNHH support was invaluable and made continuing to study through my life changes easy.  The CNHH diploma of homeopathy has well equipped me for working as a Homeopath and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Angela Bryan – Diploma in Homeopathy Graduate

The Tauranga campus of the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy is a supportive, nurturing place to complete your studies in homeopathy.  I spent three years studying Diploma of Homeopathy through distance, supported by the staff at both Auckland and Tauranga campus.  When I needed to take time out due to family circumstances this was supported by all the staff I was involved with and on returning to the course I completed the last year at the Tauranga campus.
The support staff, tutors and lecturers are marvellous, they go beyond what would be considered normal teaching duties to support students and even now some five years later are more than happy to provide support and advice when needed.  I would highly recommend CNHH to anyone interest in studying there.

I have had an interest in homeopathy for many years having treated my children predominantly with homeopathic remedies. Having gained a Diploma in Homeopathy through the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy in Tauranga, I am excited to be able to offer this modality of natural medicine, along with Bach Flowers and Tissue Salts, to the wider Eastern Bay of Plenty community. My clinic is at Ohiwa, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, but I am able to visit you in
your own home if this better suits your needs or alternatively your consultation can be done via video link. I look forward to assisting you toward improved health in a holistic and natural way.

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Crystal Clark – Diploma in Homeopathy Graduate

The college has been a life changing thing for me. At first I didn’t know how to harness this passion to help heal myself, I was so lost in medicine that I was grasping a thin straw. Along my search I found the CNHH website and met the lovely Ann and Deborah in Tauranga office. The love and light of encouragement got my stubborn self to that first lecture! That was when something clicked and all I wanted was to explore this fascinating modality. I was soon picking the minds of everyone that came into class, students and teachers alike. I developed a whole hearted commitment that serves me in my entire life. From being in that first Arnica lecture, taking those first cases, to building an image for my practice and beyond. The people you meet at college they stick and are still there to guide you
even after that long awaited Diploma is yours. Me Mahi tahi tatami mi te oranaga o te katoa – We must work together for the well-being of all.
Wairua o te Aroha Health.

Tracey Feisst – Diploma in Homeopathy Graduate

I studied for the Diploma of Homeopathy (Animal) by distance, while working full time, raising two girls singlehandedly, running a goat rescue & renovating a house. I found the content of the course was interesting and varied enough to keep me motivated to complete the diploma. The lecturers were great, extremely knowledgeable in their field and supportive. The office staff were also very supportive and worked very hard to support me complete the diploma within the required timeframes. Thanks CNHH!.

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