College Staff

The College has an ongoing commitment to providing teachers who are skilled educators as well as experts in their fields. Our College Staff includes Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Animal Homeopaths, a Physiotherapist and Registered Homeopaths. The College uses world recognised, high calibre teaching staff who actively pursue their ongoing professional development in their fields of expertise and embody the college teaching philosophy.

College Staff – Management

Susanna Shelton – Director

BA(USA), MDiv(UK), RCHom (Life Member), ADH

Before discovering homeopathy, Susanna worked in Medical Research at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the University of Virginia Medical Schools in the USA. Her lifelong interest in spirituality, however, led her to Scotland where she completed a postgraduate degree in Theology at St Andrews University as well as postgraduate work at Harvard Divinity School. Midway through her theological training, she was introduced to homeopathy. After a great personal response to treatment, she decided to pursue formal training in homeopathy with the National Center of Homeopathy (USA) and The College of Homeopathy in London in the 1980s.  Before migrating to NZ in 1991, she established a free children’s clinic in rural Kent and practiced at the South London Natural Health Centre in Clapham where her special interest in perinatal homeopathy began — many of her clients were pregnant women and she worked closely with birth educators and midwives at that time.
In 1991 Susanna arrived in NZ, began teaching at Wellington College (WCOH), Hahnemann College in Auckland and Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy (BOPCOH) in Tauranga.  In 1991, she co-founded Homeopathy NewZ and Selene Homeopathics and was an editor and co-director of these until 1994 and 1998 respectively.  In the 1990s Susanna continued to study homeopathy and tertiary teaching, course design, assessment and moderation; her focus on homeopathic education and management continued to expand.
In 1991, Susanna registered with and joined the Executive of the NZ Institute of Classical Homeopathy and was appointed Dean of BOPCOH. She served on the NZICH Exec until 1996 and when the NZCH was formed in 1999, became an Exec, serving til 2006 and then again from 2009-2012.
In the early 90’s, Susanna established practices in Taupo and Wellington while teaching at WCOH and BOPCOH. From 1994-2012 she served on the NZQA Expert Panel on Homeopathy (which became the Homeopathy Profession Advisory Board in 2008); this group wrote the NZQA Unit Standards for homeopathy and developed the NZQA National Diploma and in 2008 reviewed these and established agreed training standards for our profession.  At BOPCOH she pioneered comprehensive distance education in homeopathy with College founder Greig Follas—initially via VHS, then DVD creating the platform for comprehensive online learning options.
In 1995, Susanna settled in Tauranga, became Principal of BOPCOH and organized many homeopathic seminars by overseas tutors: e.g. Misha Norland, Melissa Assilem, Miranda Castro(x2), Ian Watson (x2), Frans Vermeulen (x3); Alize Timmermann (x3); Alastair Gray (starting in 2000 then as a regular tutor since), Jose Mirelli, Nandita Shah, Diana Kopatsy (x3) Peter Tumminello (x2) and Ken D’Aran.  She strongly fostered collegiality between NZ homeopaths and over the years engaged many of our finest homeopaths as tutors and visiting clinical tutors. Susanna has presented cases and papers at professional conferences in NZ, Australia and USA.
In 1998, Susanna completed Alize Timmermann’s post-graduate training at the Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands and managed the BOPCOH’s registration as a Private Training Establishment with NZQA.
In 1999, Susanna led BOPCOH to become the first accredited provider of the NZQA Unit Standards in homeopathy and to achieve the College’s approval by the Ministry of Education for student loans and allowances.  In 1999 and 2000 Susanna led the BOPCOH expansions of teaching venues to Auckland and Christchurch. She also managed the approval of the College’s Diploma of Homeopathy in Animal Health by NZQA and MOE in 2000.
In 2004, Susanna was a guest tutor in homeopathy at Hong Kong University and later that year became owner and Principal of Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine (SCHM).  From 2004-2008 Susanna was Principal and CEO of both BOPCOH and SCHM and managed the NSW registrations and approvals of the Sydney College during that time.  In 2008, Susanna’s duties re-focused to NZ when she was appointed Director of Operations NZ for Endeavour College of Natural Therapies which includes ongoing duties as Principal of BOPCOH.
From 2009-2012, Susanna was a representative to the NZCCHEP (NZ Consortium of Complementary Health Education Providers) and the NHC (Natural Health Council).
From 2012-2020 Susanna took a ‘sabbatical’ from homeopathic teaching and management. During that time she co-owned and operated a successful VIP Toursim business based in Tauranga catering to International clientele.  She returns to CNHH in 2021 to help steer the College in its next chapter of growth.
Susanna’s vision for the profession has been and remains, “to have the highest level of homeopathic treatment available to the greatest number of people (and animals); at a reasonable cost to the consumers and a professional level of remuneration to the practitioners”. She sees the College as a key player in this vision as it works with the wider community to make it happen.
Susanna is happily married to Karen.  She is a proud co-parent of two successful and happy adult children and has been pleased by the love of many companion animals over the years.  Main hobbies are sustainable food and wine, travel, wellness and following the All Blacks.

Steven Castle – Director


Steven’s career in the education sector commenced in 2003 as a Lecturer in Distributed Software Development & Database Design at AMES I.T. Academy before moving into a management role as Head of Administration in 2005. In 2010, Steven expanded his Administration Management role to include Business Development where he developed relationships with leading Information Technology companies such as Orion Health, Microsoft NZ and Telecom. Steven accepted a position at the New Zealand College of Massage as Compliance Manager in 2012 and was introduced to massage therapy, natural health and wellbeing, before joining the College staff in 2015.

Susan Henricksen – Academic Manager

PGC(EdLM), GCHE, BHSc (Comp Med), Adv Dip Med Herb, Adv Dip Nat, Dip Hom

Education has always been a passion of Susan’s, especially to seek knowledge around medicine. Following a long career in a Medical Pathology Laboratory, Susan sought education in complementary medicine as a source of a more holistic approach to wellness. This resulted in Diplomas in Naturopathy, Western Medical Herbalism and Homeopathy and a Bachelor of Health Science. Practise gave way to education again and Susan started teaching at the Colleges she had trained at and also with Pharmacy staff as a Sales Rep with Naturopharm. Following six years at NZ College of Massage teaching Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Research and managing the Auckland site, Susan has returned to her Homeopathy roots at CNHH after undertaking the role of Academic Manager. Susan draws on her knowledge and experience to support the students in their study in Homeopathy. There are also plans for a Masters in Education, the search for knowledge never ends!

College Staff – Academic

Jeannette (Jem) Moon – Tutor (Human Homeopathy)

DipHom, ADH, RCHom

Jem decided to pursue study in Natural Therapies for her own health and for the health of her growing family. When looking at various health modalities, Jem chose to study homeopathy, as she found the methodology and principles of homeopathy were very much in line with her counselling background. Jem graduated from the Bay of Plenty College in 1995 and has been working in various homeopathic roles since then. During her homeopathic career she has always been involved with curriculum development and tutor for the College, working in a homeopathic dispensary and continuing to maintain a busy clinical practice. Jem has been very involved with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths over many years, as a member of the Membership and Education subcommittee, Executive member and also as President. Her passion for homeopathy continues and after 27 years still enjoys indulging her passion with tutoring, student support, and working with her clients in her practice.

Levonne Kelly – Tutor (Animal Homeopathy)

DipHom (Animal Health), RCHom, Cert Equine Practice

Levonne graduated from the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy in 2012 with a Diploma in Homeopathy (Animal Health). She enjoys treating a wide range of animals, and is continually inspired by the results homeopathy brings. She is also a full member of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths, and commenced her role as Animal Homeopathy Tutor for CNHH in May 2017.
Levonne’s background is very much animal orientated, with a Certificate in Equine Practice (Thoroughbred Stable Practice) gained during her years in the racing and breeding industry. She also spent several years working in a large Auckland veterinary practice (companion animal), as well as several in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. At various times in her life she has enjoyed helping out on sheep and beef farms. Still a keen rider, Levonne frequently shows her horse side-saddle over the summer months, and during the rest of the year rides for pleasure as often as time allows.

College Staff – Support

Anne Kohu – Student Engagement & Priority Learner Support


Anne’s inquisitive nature means she draws on experiences and inspiration from a broad spectrum of industries from the service industry to telecommunications installation work. However it was a health scare that sent Anne on a different journey of discovery. It was a coffee group in the early 1980s where they talked about homeopathy for the family and for cows at calving time that lead her to study with BOPCOH in 2001. Anne manages the Tauranga office of CNHH including maintaining the College learning management system (Moodle) and is our Maori Liaison Officer.

Madeleine Gilbert – Sales & Marketing Specialist

Dip Hom Acute. Vet Nurse Ast. Reiki Master

Madeleine has a passion for Holistic health and wellness. She is a Reiki Master, Vet Nurse Assistant and in 2019 completed her Diploma in Homeopathy in Acute Prescribing with the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy. She is currently studying for a Diploma in Homeopathy. Madeleine has a thirst for knowledge and new skills. Her study has been an exciting journey but she also loves to learn from organic experiences of everyday life and the wonderful people she meets.
Her background in Sales and Customer service includes selling Real Estate, working in the Travel Industry and Retail Management. Whatever her role she believes in taking it on passionately so that her work shines and connects with others.
She has a deep respect and love for the environment and animals by helping and volunteering whenever she can. In Hawaii, she has volunteered to guard the endangered Hawksbill turtles nesting grounds, and in the Bay of Islands has helped to restore the native forest.
Now, she has joined the College in the exciting and challenging role of Sales and Marketing Specialist. She can’t wait to apply her passion and skills for the greater good of the College and its students. The journey never stops and the learning never ends.

College Academic Committee

College Academic Manager and Academic Staff in conjunction with:

Judy Coldicott – Senior Lecturer

DipTchg, DipHom, ADH, RCHom, ADH

Judy trained and worked as a primary teacher prior to her homeopathy studies. She became interested in homeopathy after seeing great results with her family and went on to complete her Diploma in Homeopathy in 1995. Judy began practising and teaching introductory courses in South Canterbury and in 1996, became a homeopathy tutor at Aoraki Polytechnic. In 1999, Judy became South Island Coordinator for the Bay of Plenty College. She is well-loved by students and staff alike – especially for the clarity of her teaching and for her energy and enthusiasm!

Jennie Rassell – Senior Lecturer

BSc Hons, Dip Hom, DipHom(Animal Health), RCHom

Jennie received her degree in Microbiology from Canterbury University and worked in education and research, particularly in the Agricultural sector in NZ before turning her focus to family and farm life. She and her husband began to explore organic production methods and successfully converted their kiwifruit orchard to organics as a result. Jennie found her interest in Homeopathy blooming alongside the passion for organics and completed both the ‘human’ and ‘animal’ Diploma programmes at the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. Now, Jennie has a thriving practice for both animals and humans in Tauranga, New Zealand and lectures for CNHH.

Lecturers of Homeopathy

  • Tania Aroha-Twentyman DipHom
  • Judy Coldicott DipTchg, DipHom, ADH, RCHom
  • Alastair Gray DSH (UK), PCH(UK), RSHom(UK), AHA(Aust), BA Hons(NZ)
  • Rhonda Hamilton-Cross DipHom (Human & Animal Health), RCHom
  • Su Hutchinson DipHom, RCHom, Cert.Natural Health Studies
  • Helen Kennedy BHSc, DipHom, RCHom
  • Fiona Lane BA DipEd (UK), DipHom (Animal Health)
  • Lee-Anne McCall DipHom, CEASE Therapist
  • Jeannette (Jem) Moon DipHom, ADH, RCHom
  • Jennie Rassell BSc Hons, Dip Hom, Dip Hom(Animal Health),RCHom, ADH
  • Dr Barbara Stumbles BVSc, DipHom(Animal Health), RCHom
  • Suzi Tetenburg RCHom, BFRP
  • Tineke Verkade RN, ND (Holl), DipHerb, DipHom (Animal Health), ADH, RCHom, BSc
  • Jill Wilby BA, DipHom.RCHom

Lecturers of Medical Science

  • Susan Henricksen PGC(EdLM), GCHE, BHSc (Comp Med), Adv Dip Med Herb, Adv Dip Nat, Dip Hom
  • Dr Judith Nicholson BSc(Hons) PhD
  • Dr Barbara Stumbles BVSc, DipHom(Animal Health), RCHom

CNHH Head Office & Admissions