Delivery Modes

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Our part-time online learning delivery options are designed to cater for the needs of learners wishing to study homeopathy to professional registration level. Our flexible delivery approach is equally suited to mature students and school leavers who may wish to integrate study and work. The delivery format of our courses comprises of 80 weeks part-time study. 

Distance online study continues to be a popular option, with the opportunity to pursue studies while maintaining existing family and work commitments. Distance students watch the lectures pre-recorded and accessed online via the College Canvas site. Students are able to receive tutor support face-to-face or via email, phone or ‘Zoom’, as well as regular newsletter updates. 

Our online distance study is suitable for domestic and international students from anywhere in the world. 

The curriculum is fully available online to enable students to stick to their personal timetable. 

The Courses

Course NZQA Level Year Description
Diploma in Acute Prescribing 5 1-2 Study the basic concepts of homeopathy and medical science.
Learn to treat family and friends safely and effectively in first aid and acute situations.
Diploma of Homeopathy  6 3-4 Study all aspects of homeopathy in depth.
Graduate as a qualified homeopathic practitioner.
Qualify for advanced training with either of the Colleges’ degree pathways.

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