Homeopathy Support for Holiday Stress

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As the school holidays are only days away, it is a wonderful time to spend with those who are our nearest and dearest, a time for fun and adventures to be had, however, this can sometimes heighten our stress levels where we use comfort foods, sugary drinks, or alcohol! For most of us, everyday life moves to a rhythm that is anything but calm. There are usually never enough hours to get everything done that needs doing. Add in shorter daylight hours and the demands of the holidays, and you’ve got a recipe for heightened stress and anxiety. Fortunately, homeopathy offers up gentle support to help us ensure we enjoy the up and coming holidays!

How we cope with, experience, and manage stress varies greatly from one individual to the next, which is why homeopathic support is so well suited to optimizing our mental health. The selection of homeopathic remedies is carefully based on an individual’s personal experience of his/her symptoms. While one person may react to stress with anger and impatience, another may react with sadness and withdrawal. Either way, the effect is a negative one and gets in the way of our ability to enjoy life.

To help support you a fully qualified homeopath will expertly select the remedy that will have a balancing effect. Unlike prescription drugs, homeopathic remedies carry no risk of toxicity or side effects, its simplicity is gentle support to help stimulate your own body’s natural response. Consider adding a visit to your local homeopath to the top of your to-do list for holiday preparations.

Homeopathic Self Help Tips for the Holidays

The best defense this holiday season is supporting your own innate ability to stay balanced, with homeopathic remedies is individualized to your needs. A homeopath can match your symptoms on the mental, emotional and physical to a homeopathic remedy that is ideally suited to your body’s unique symptom expression. You can also safely use homeopathic remedies in acute situations.

Check out our other articles as well for further tips surrounding acute situations for winter blues. There are many homeopathic remedies to help support it, it’s best to seek advice from your local fully qualified homeopath to ensure you are selecting the correct remedy for you.

Here are a few remedies to consider

Argentum nitricum (Arg-n) and Gelsemium (Gels) are both excellent for dealing with ailments caused by anticipation and intense emotions. Those who would benefit from Gelsemium literally shake or tremble when they are upset and feel physically weak and tired. Those who would benefit from Argentum Nitricum are often apprehensive and fearful and can suffer panic attacks in extreme circumstances.

Aconitum Napellus is well indicated when the fright is the trigger for illness. Those who would benefit from Aconite are filled with worry and anxiety. There is a tendency to startle easily. Fear of death, nightmares following horror stories, and fear of crowds are examples of Aconite-type fears.

Staphysagria is helpful in dealing with anger, indignation, and resentment. Those who are oversensitive to the opinions of others often find relief with Staphysagria.

Cocculus Indicus is an excellent remedy for insomnia and loss of sleep. It is also well indicated in relieving the effects of “jet lag” and motion sickness.

Homeopathy offers support in restoring our body’s balance, health, and vitality. It’s recommended for you to seek professional advice from a fully qualified registered homeopath or your GP to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment to help support you, make sure you visit a homeopath for guidance.

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Adapted from source
Kashka Kril-Atkins, HBSc, DHMHS
Vitality Magazine