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Are you taking an exam this year? Are you feeling anxious? Do you struggle with revising? Whether you are studying online or on campus, as students, we all experience some level of anxiety. In this article, we will look at how Homeopathy can help support you, give you some tips and suggest a few homeopathic remedies which can be taken either during revision or on the day of the exam to help you manage your anxiety all the way through exams!

It’s important to remember that we are all individuals and manage our stress/anxieties differently from other students. That is the beauty of Homeopathy, it looks at each individual, and matches the symptoms they are expressing on a mental/emotional and physical level to a remedy, then that remedy stimulates a response in the body to restore balance. To ensure you are receiving the best possible support, please book an appointment with your local fully qualified and registered Homeopath or GP.

Here are some simple tips to follow to prepare for exams in the best conditions:

  • Plan your work schedule, don’t leave it all to the last minute
  • Make sure you get some rest and breaks between revisions. Your brain will function better.
  • Keep exercising at least once a day. But do choose something that you enjoy doing! Just going out for a walk in the fresh air is good.
  • Keep a good sleep routine as it is when you sleep that your brain will retain the information processed during the day.
  • Drink plenty of water to help maintain your concentration levels.
  • Listen to classical music.
  • On the day of the exam, eat a good breakfast to keep you going (eg: boiled eggs and avocado on toast).

Sometimes, regardless of the amount of energy that has been spent on revising, anxiety cannot be avoided before or during an exam. This is absolutely normal and a bit of adrenaline will actually help. However, too much adrenaline can be detrimental. So here are a few homeopathic remedies to help you manage your anxiety:

Argentum Nitricum

This is a great remedy for people who always feel hurried. There is a lot of nervousness and the anxiety is usually felt in the stomach. There may also be explosive diarrhoea with the anxiety. Another keynote of Argentum Nitricum is a craving for sweets.

It is one of the major remedies for panic attacks and it is also good for stage fright as well as exam anxiety. So whether your examination is written or verbal, if your symptoms match the remedy, this may be the one you need.


This remedy is particularly indicated for performance anxiety: stage fright, exam anxiety or anxiety before an interview – this is due to low self-confidence.

Gelsemium helps when the mind goes blank either during revisions or during an exam.

There is muscle weakness, maybe even paralysis. But there can also be a lot of trembling from nervousness.


This remedy acts well in students who lack self-confidence. They may also have fear of failure. An excellent remedy for the type of person who is very industrious and tends to over-prepare. However, they will try to cover it up and may even appear over-confident.

The symptoms are usually worse between 4pm and 8pm and worse for missing a meal.

Aethusa Cynapium

The person needing Aethusa is afraid they will forget what they know. Their mind goes blank during the exam, despite revising hard for it, and they have the incapacity to think. They may also feel restless.

This remedy particularly suits those who love animals.

Kali Phos

Acts as a nerve nutrient for mental and physical despair from excitement, overwork or worry. Headache, weakness and exhaustion in students worn out by fatigue.


Good for people who feel very anxious, especially after midnight. They may panic and not be able to settle because they feel restless.


Nervous exhaustion from over-study and loss of memory from fright or mortification. Fear of examinations with lack of confidence.

Homeopathy offers support in restoring our body’s balance, health, and vitality on mental, emotional, and physical levels. It’s important you seek professional advice from a qualified registered homeopath or your GP to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment for all that you are experiencing.

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Priscille: CHH Graduate and Homeopath

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Dr. Shania Lee