Beating Colds and Flu Naturally Short Course

Beating colds etc

At some stage throughout our lives, we all inevitably experience a winter cold or the changing of seasons flu. It makes us feel terrible and sorry for ourselves, not to mention the impact it has on us, and others are unpleasant and inconvenient.

This online short course provides the opportunity to explore preventative measures including maintaining a healthy body and immune system as well as strategies for beating colds and flu naturally. From aromatic bathing to good old fashioned chicken or vegetable soup, this recipe for living ensures that you will avoid the dreaded ‘flu season’ and have a healthier life doing so.

Our short course is designed to provide information from a variety of healing disciplines combining to create a recipe for healthy living without the difficulties of colds and flu.

This includes:

  • Common causes of colds and flu
  • Immunity prevention and treatment – when to seek medical advice

Please note: This course does not come with any qualifications, it’s simply an introduction and not to be used for clinical or professional purposes.

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