Weight Loss Naturally Short Course

We all strive at some point in our lives to lose weight, we may not necessarily be overweight, however, we want to address the concerns we may have. The desire for having “The perfect body” due to pressures of social media and others outside influences should not be what motivates us.

Losing weight should be done for you and your goal should be “How can I change my lifestyle to be more healthy, active and happy”. By changing your mindset, learning the tools you can achieve in weight loss and being able to maintain as how your body naturally should be.

The other problem is obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally and has significantly become the cause of several chronic diseases and disabilities.

Both emotionally and physically, obesity affects an indiscriminate group of people with far-reaching consequences. Obesity creates ongoing issues for individuals, businesses and industries, families and the wider community.

Our online course offers the skills and knowledge of how to measure obesity and also how simple changes in dietary habits can help control weight and promote a healthy life.

The course provides an insight into issues related to obesity and some important guidelines for weight loss by following a healthy and nutritious diet.

This includes:

  • The health implications of being overweight or obese
  • How weight is gained and measured
  • The key components of a healthy diet
  • Nutritional and lifestyle advice

Our course is for anyone interested in taking a proactive stance for improving their health and weight management.

Please note: This course does not come with any qualifications, it’s simply an introduction and not to be used for clinical or professional purposes.

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