The Rabbit Hole

Article 3rd June

I was asked How can I find rubrics? And I thought of a song which led me to…


The rabbit hole.

A complexly bizarre or difficult state or situation conceived of as a hole into which one falls or descends.

Especially: one in which the pursuit of something (such as an answer or solution) leads to other questions, problems, or pursuits

  • A friend of mine introduced me to a new world. A world where questions were finally an acceptable way of starting a conversation, where questions were an important part of negotiating this world called life. MIND; QUESTIONS, speaks continually in
  • Her name is Alice

  • “Click me”
  • …To tell her how I’m feeling, maybe get a second glance…MIND; LOVE; love-sick
  • Sally called back, and asked how I felt She said “I know how to help, you get over Alice” MIND; LOVE; with, silent grief

Alice was the quiet type and after this song came out, she wondered if she had left a trail of unrequited love when she moved to the city lights. MIND; GRIEF; hunting for something to grieve one or is it MIND; DELUSIONS; consciousness, belongs to another or MIND; DELUSIONS; music, fancies he hears; sweetest and sublimest melody.

Back to the rabbit hole

  • Who dug this hole? MIND; WORK; mania to work. Was he small in stature trying to look bigger Mind, slander, disposition to as these walls have scratch marks in the ceiling. If he was a bigger rabbit the walls would be smooth from his fur brushing the walls as he moved in and out of the borrow.
    • Is this burrow currently in use or is it abandoned? MIND; DELUSIONS; deserted, forsaken
    • What are the smells SMELL, acute,
    • What will I do if something is coming up at me. MIND; FEAR; animals, of or is it MIND; ANXIETY; anticipating an engagement
    • I can’t turn around MIND; DELUSIONS; room, that the walls will crush him, oh no I didn’t think this one through. MIND; FEAR; room, on entering or is it MIND; ANXIETY; house, in; on entering
  • Oh, that’s right this is about the rabbit hole. Breathe MIND; CALMNESS
    • I am finally in a really cosy place. MIND; CHEERFUL; room, in the, amel.
    • Wow it’s Dark MIND; ANXIETY; dark, in or is it MIND; FEAR; dark
    • Quiet, so quiet MIND; QUIET; cannot be quieted
    • I can hear my heart beat MIND; FEAR; heart, arising from
    • Why can I hear my heart beating? MIND; ANXIETY; alone, when
    • Is that my heart or is it someone else’s heart?
    • Oh no now I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable. MIND; ANXIETY; fear, with
    • Run, but what if he can run faster than me. MIND; ANXIETY; pursued when walking, as if
    • Which way is out, oh no the heart beat is getting louder. MIND; FEAR; heart, will cease to beat unless constantly on the move
    • Or is it footsteps, I don’t know what it is. MIND; DELUSIONS; footsteps, behind him
    • I see light, I’m almost out, MIND; DELUSIONS; giraffe, imagines himself to be a
  • So why did I go down this hole to start with. MIND; ANXIETY; future, about

That’s right, a person asked a question? How can I start finding rubrics?

And the answer is: Pick a song you like and find some rubrics. Have fun with the rubrics you find. And please share with us what you find! We would love to hear from you.

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Written by: Alice’s Friend at CNHH

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