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#3 – Calc carb

Who doesn’t want to hit the New Year off with a squeezable bundle of Labrador puppy?! They are an absolute delight, and they always bring to my mind our wonderful remedy Calc carb. Of course, not every Labrador is going to be a Calc carb animal – that’s not how it works – but they certainly have many characteristics in common.

Our remedy Calcarea carbonica is made from ground up oyster shell (specifically the snow white portion between the inner and outer shell), and there are some lovely signatures that come through from the source. Consider the oyster – stuck in one place, not easily moved to action, soft and vulnerable in a hard shell, and of course the beautiful pearl that is the result of an irritant.

Our typical Calc carb animal is big boned and solid, possibly a bit overweight and probably more than a little stubborn. They are plodders and sometimes take a little while to get the hang of things, but once they’ve got it, they will never let you down. Trustworthy, reliable and loyal creatures, they are real pearls. There are two important keywords for Calc carb – “inertia” and “overwhelm”. Inertia is seen here as a fear of change – they really don’t cope well with change of any kind. They like structure, and anything that threatens their sense of stability will put them in a state of overwhelm. Guess where they’re going to head for – their shell!

These animals will be inclined to feel the cold, and their conditions will be worse for cold and wet. Often lacking in stamina, they are also worse for exertion, especially if it is uphill. We all know about the Labrador appetite and this is generally true of Calc carb as well, but another particular aspect of the remedy is a tendency to eat indigestible things, like dirt or stones. Constipation is commonly seen in Calc carb, but weirdly, they don’t often seem to be bothered by it!

As you will have deduced, Calcarea carbonica is calcium carbonate. This gives the remedy a huge affinity with the musculoskeletal system, and it can be very supportive in all sorts of conditions involving the bones, as well as lack of muscle tone. It is often indicated in delayed or difficult dentition – in fact, delayed developmental milestones of all types. My patients have also had issues with the respiratory system, digestive system including assimilation, skin, ears and so on – as a major polychrest remedy Calc carb can support virtually every body system, as long as the total picture fits.

So that’s Calc carb in a nut (or oyster) shell. Who would have thought such an unassuming creature could give us such a hugely beneficial remedy? Homeopathy never fails to leave me in awe. I hope your Christmas was a happy one and you are enjoying the first days of summer 2020. Happy New Year to you all!

Levonne Kelly DipHom (Animal Health), RCHom, Cert Equine Practice

Animal Homeopathy Tutor

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