New Beginning, New Energy, New Career

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Like the Tree of Life, “Its never too late for a New Beginning in your life”.

Have you got a desire for something more, to challenge yourself, grow and expand your knowledge?

Would you like to learn a healing modality that has been around for hundreds of years, while helping support your community, family, friends, and animals?

Have you always wanted to study online but worry that it maybe too technical?

If you can browse the internet, check your email, watch a youtube video and type a document you’ve got all the technical skills needed to study online.

The College of Natural Health & Homeopathy offers Diplomas in Homeopathy that are NZQA accredited.

Start with our NZ Diploma in Acute Prescribing with Homeopathy (Level 5), then if you wish, move into our Diploma in Homeopathy (Level 6) and specialize in either Human or Animal Heath.

Studying is done so part-time and accessible fully online with no attendance required.

You can study from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world and fit study around your lifestyle.

Whether you want to study in the evenings once children are asleep, in your lunch hour at work, or on the bus or train – with just 2 to 3 hours of online study per day you can complete an NZQA Diploma in Homeopathy leading to professional registration.

Not only will you receive expert instruction but you will have our ongoing support and encouragement from the college throughout your studies!

Follow your dream of supporting friends, family and the community by using one of the best natural health modalities and start your journey to become a Homeopathic Practitioner today!

Enrolments are now open, to learn more visit and we hope to see you online soon

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