Natural Vitality and Ageing Short Course

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Part of life and as life expectancy increases so does the number of aging people in the world. Despite the physical and psychological problems brought on by advancing age, we find more elderly people living a more active life today than ever before, which is amazing to see!

This online short course, participants will explore the problems associated with aging and learn how to address them by making suitable lifestyle changes.

It ranges from optimal nutrition, medication awareness, and physical exercise will be considered. Are you interested in taking positive steps to increase your overall health and well-being while improving your quality of life?

Our short course is designed to provide information for participants on modern life-cycle and its implications.

This includes:

  • Obesity and the health implications
  • Identifying the important key components of a healthy diet
  • Basic complementary nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Please note: This course does not come with any qualifications, it’s simply an introduction and not to be used for clinical or professional purposes.