How Homeopathy Helped Tito

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This is an acute case of how Homeopathy helped in supporting a male cat called Tito back to health! Tito is a beautiful ginger cat, who sleeps outside at night, loves to get into fights with his neighbour Bob, has a ‘shark’ on his file at the vets, as whenever he goes there he turns into this savage wild animal and then once back in the car he is the sweetest boy! He enjoys short cuddles however he is not a ‘’cuddly cat’’.

Upon my arrival at my sisters at approximately 5pm on a Monday, Tito was there to greet me, I noticed instantly that he wasn’t his usual self, more vocal, cuddly and he had a terrible limp. Immediately my training I completed through the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy (CNHH) as an Acute Homeopath came out.

Monday: Immediately I gave him 1 x 30c dose of Arnica, from here on I watched him closely. Thanks to my first year of vet nurse studies, I was able to do an assessment and full ‘touch down’ to make sure there wasn’t anything else on his body, e.g abscess etc… I noticed he had a big bump on his forehead, and his right eye was bung, closing, irritated, he kept licking/cleaning it, was sore, with an assumption he may have scratched his cornea. I also noticed a scab in the corner of his eye. There was no pus, just clear discharge, however, a remedy that came to mind based on his mental and emotional picture was Pulsatilla. Although I did not administer Pulsatilla straight away this remedy stayed in the back of my mind throughout the week.

Another dose of Arnica was administered about an hour after his first dose. This was repeated, and he had a total of 3 x 30c doses of Arnica that Monday night.

Tuesday: After three doses of Arnica on Monday, Tito’s limp had improved dramatically which was amazing to see, this showed he had a brilliant response to the action of the remedy. I gave him 1 x dose of 30c Arnica as a top-up. He did not have any more Arnica that day.

Now, to tackle his right eye, after consulting with an experienced registered and fully qualified Homeopath who is a tutor at the CNHH, to make sure I was on the right track. The remedy Euphrasia 30c was prescribed. He had 2 x doses of Euphrasia one in the morning, and one at night. This is a great remedy for eye complaints ranging from sensitivities, conjunctivitis, itchy and irritated eyes, blinking a lot, and clear discharge that was starting to thicken up.

Wednesday: Tito’s limp improved further and I then gave him 1 x 30c dose of Arnica as a top-up. His right eye was also showing improvement suggesting he was responding to Euphrasia! I then gave him 2 x doses of 30c Euphrasia – in the morning and at night (referred to as a repeat prescription).

Thursday: Tito’s limp was 95% better! One more dose of Arnica 30c. This was his last dose and did not receive any more Arnica thereafter. His right eye was looking great, it was fully open, no discharge, scab was healing and he didn’t look bothered by it at all, again another great sign of the remedy working. I gave him one dose of Euphrasia 30c to help finish off the healing in his right eye…

Just as I thought I had moved past the worst his left eye decided to become bung, he couldn’t open it much, his discharge was starting to thicken, at this point this is when the remedy Pulsatilla that had been in back of my mind all week became more evident. As I had already administered Euphrasia I waited before looking at Pulsatilla.

Friday: Tito’s limp and right eye has been restored back into balance, no more Arnica or Euphrasia was required nor prescribed. There wasn’t a massive change with his left eye and was looking more like conjunctivitis. Given there was no further improvement to his left eye, this suggested further Euphrasia would not assist and it was time to consider a different remedy.

His mental and emotional picture and physical elements indicated Pulsatilla. I gave Tito 3 x doses of 30c Pulsatilla one in the morning, at lunch and one at night as his left eye was looking pretty bad and had a thick pale/yellow/green discharge. Throughout the day, I was also able to clean his eye with salt water 3 times.

Weekend: My excitement and anticipation to see if there were improvements to Tito on Saturday morning… His left eye was 95% better! I decided not to give him a remedy and to see how he was throughout the day. I am pleased to say, no further remedies were prescribed nor a trip to the vets! By Sunday, he was back to his usual self.

Situations such as this reinforce my love for Homeopathy!

This was a great acute case, that showed how one can be moved through different remedies as the body is stimulated to restore its natural balance. Arnica helped with Tito’s shock and supported his sprained leg, inflamed forehead. Euphrasia helped sort his right eye, and with Pulsatilla which complements Euphrasia, this helped sort Tito’s mental and emotional picture as well as his left eye.

Homeopathy offers support for both humans and animals by restoring one’s body into balance. It’s important to seek professional advice from a qualified registered homeopath or local Vet for advice or to book an appointment for your pets health issues.

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Written by:
Madeleine Gilbert
Dip Hom Acute
Reiki Master
Vet Nurse Assistant.