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Baby Balance….Harmony with Homeopathy

Babies – they are always so small… but so strong! Parenting tiny babies can be a time of confusing signals, unknowns and emotional ups and downs for the whole family. Here, homeopathy can be truly magical! Babies crying all night (and all day) turn into quiet little lambs. Horrendous eczema can just ‘evaporate.’ Nappy rash, hormone spots, and constipation all do very well with homeopathy.

Visiting a homeopath in these early days as your baby adjusts to the outside world can be a positive, supportive experience. There is nothing worse than a constantly upset baby in the house and homeopathy is one of the most natural ways to assist in settling your new family member, thus contributing to calm in your household.

It is often said that homeopaths look at health much like the layers of an onion – the centre being the place we aspire to reconnect with; the place of best health. These layers of the onion (or rings) are the contributing factors that lead to an individual being out of balance. Years ago, we used babies as an example of near-perfect health – the place we all aspired to get back to. Nowadays, many babies already have a lot to contend with by the time they are snuggled into their first woolly singlet. Even with the very best of love and intentions, modern life produces a range of ‘causative factors’ that homeopaths believe subtly contribute to the imbalance of the child.

Modern research points to the fact that genetic inheritance not only includes physical and disease characteristics passed down through the generations but also tendencies to hold stress in the tissues. Examples such as ongoing inter-generational Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD – have been used in some studies to illustrate that behaviours of war-related PTSD have been seen in grandchildren of the sufferers. This sort of emotional connection has been a long-held belief amongst homeopaths but has only recently been validated with scientific evidence (1). Research continues to explore emotional disorders potentially passed down to babies from stress e.g. holocaust and 9/11 survivors.

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This new wave of thought gives us a clue as to how we might help to calm an unsettled child. A multitude of situations may contribute to the arrival of a baby, to a greater or lesser degree also depending on family susceptibility.

Consider some of the following scenarios that often occur before and during pregnancy:

  • The health, well-being, and diet of both partners prior to conception
  • Difficulty in conception resulting in stress, anxiety, guilt for one or both partners
  • Fertility treatments, especially drugs and their side effects
  • Morning sickness and the resulting diet of the pregnant woman as well as the physical stress of vomiting
  • Regular ultrasound scans (2)
  • Ongoing diet during pregnancy (a major topic of its own)
  • Drug use – prescription and recreational
  • Environmental toxicity – overexposure to EMF’s, noise, chemicals, sprays
  • Sleep patterns and relaxation levels of the mother
  • Shocks and stresses occurring during pregnancy
  • The birth- difficult, speedy, medical induction, caesarian and the resulting reaction of both mother and baby
  • Drugs during birth and after
  • Difficulties in establishing feeding

These are just a few of the factors that contribute to the baby’s state of well-being and are not outlined to trigger feelings of guilt in parents, but rather to create an awareness of possible causation’s in an ‘unsettled’ baby.

Homeopaths look at each child as an individual and one of the most helpful things in selecting a remedy or remedies to assist the well-being of a baby is assessing factors they have been exposed to prior to and during their birth process. The great news is that appropriate remedies have a resonant effect when individualized and can assist in lessening the trauma held in the DNA, which may result in unsettled behaviours. The gentle action of a professionally prescribed remedy can contribute to calm, helping unravel layers of stress in the tiny baby, enabling their systems to concentrate on growth rather than continually having to overcome obstacles.

A professional homeopath will also look at the ongoing needs of the mother, as keeping her health to an optimum level is paramount to family wellness. Other family members can also benefit from treatment too, as the arrival of a new baby changes family dynamics, which may need addressing.

Let your time with your new baby be a memorable phase in your life.

Don’t suffer it out if your baby seems out of sorts. Treat yourself to professional homeopathic help, which will benefit the long-term wellness of your baby as they grow. A local homeopath becomes a trusty friend, assisting with ailments as they arise and individualizing treatment to suit your family and your philosophy.

For a registered homeopath in NZ visit: www.homeopathy.co.nz


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