Homeopathy For Animals During Fireworks

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As we are coming into the month of fireworks lighting up our skies, it’s important to remember our fur and farm friends. Now is the time to start thinking about how we can support our pets through this stressful and fearful time.

Fireworks are enjoyed by people year-round but are often a source of fear for many animals. Here in New Zealand Guy Fawkes Day is a dreaded day by many pet and horse owners. A little bit of planning can make a big difference. Some Homeopathic remedies can help your animal deal with fear.

For the sensitive or nervous dog or cat, certain times of the year can be particularly terrifying. Halloween means hordes of noisy, costumed trick-or-treaters coming to the door for hours. Annual holidays like New Year’s Eve mean fireworks for days on end …

These can have your noise-sensitive dog and cats cowering in the basement or hiding under the furniture. Some dogs pace, tremble or even bark with fear … and no amount of reassurance from you can get them to settle, there are, however, things you can do at home that will really help.

Fear and stress

In addition, the noises caused by fireworks harm animals by causing fear. In fact, repeated exposure to unexpected, unpredictable loud noises can cause phobias in many animals, increasing panic reactions to loud noises in the future.

It is estimated that one-fifth of disappearances of animals who are companions to humans are due to very loud sounds, mainly fireworks and storms.

The effects of fireworks on animals can be observed very clearly in zoos. It has been shown that the noise of fireworks makes animals such as rhinos and cheetahs very nervous, also visibly affecting others such as elephants, while rodents continue running minutes after the noises cease.

Don’t let your fur friends anxiety stress you out. Here are some Homeopathic remedies and tips to consider:

  • Aconite. These pets will be over-anxious and over-sensitive to noise and are easily startled. They can become extremely distressed and panic-stricken and feel very vulnerable. This is a great remedy for when their emotions are very intense and are brought on suddenly. Aconite is a very good remedy for horses!
  • Arsenicum. This is a great remedy for those pets where they are very anxious, fearful and insecure. These pets can’t be left on their own as this is very frightening for them. They are quick to panic and need to be reassured. These are the pets that are going to demand attention, but this does nothing to reduce their insecurities.
  • Phosphorus. This remedy is good for all noise phobias. These are the pets that are going to be very restless, nervous and fearful. They tend to be sensitive to sudden noises and easily startle and may be fearful of being touched. This remedy is good for all noise phobias. It can be given once or twice a day.
  • Borax – This remedy is specific for fears of thunderstorms, sensitivity to noise, and being easily startled with marked irritability.
  • Gelsemium – Great remedy for fireworks, when we see marked trembling especially from a fright. They can be timid, express terror, scared after a fright, and fears.
  • Argentum Nitricum – Is a great remedy when the nervous systems are affected especially with anxiety and a range of fears!
  • Rescue remedy – This is a wonderful remedy as an in-between to help settle anxiousness and restlessness, can be easily sprayed into the water bowl.

Here are also some great tips on how you can help to reduce their anxiety levels:

  • Keep your pet indoors and stay with them if possible
  • Provide them with an area that is safe and where they can hide if they want to at night close the windows and curtains to muffle the noise and flashing lights as much as possible
  • Put on a bit of music or have the TV going
  • Give them a bone/treat/favourite toy to help keep them occupied

Dogs and Cats

  • Make sure your dog or cat has somewhere to hide if he or she wants to and has access to this place at all times. For example, this could be under some furniture or in a cupboard.
  • During firework seasons, walk dogs during daylight hours and keep cats and dogs indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off.
  • At nightfall close windows and curtains and put on music to muffle the sound of fireworks.
  • Have the TV or radio playing to even out the noise.
  • Give them their favourite toy to play with or a bone to keep them occupied and distracted.
  • Give cats some catnip.

Paddock animals

  • Ask neighbours to refrain from setting off fireworks or set it off on the other side of their house or in the opposite direction from your paddock.
  • Make sure your animals are in a safe paddock they know well and have enough room to run around if they do go into a panic.
  • Put suitable Homeopathic remedies in their troughs on the day fireworks are expected, to help calm them down.
  • I can only hope that all animals will survive the Fireworks season and that the private sale of Fireworks will be banned.

For those animals that are in paddocks, the above remedies can be administered in their water trough. It is also a good idea to make sure that the fencing is well secure.

Homeopathy offers support for both humans and animals by restoring one’s body into balance. It’s important to seek professional advice from a qualified registered homeopath or local Vet if your pet is experiencing ongoing issues.

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