Christmas Hangover Tips

Hangover Cures

Tip one = Hydration:

This is a word we speak of all the time, and in the hot kiwi summers and over Christmas, hydration and a cold bevy go hand in hand. But don’t forget to include our good bro H2O in the party. Aim to drink water between alcoholic drinks – it will help to replace lost fluids, make sure you moderate your consumption of booze and prevent a dull heavy headache the next day. Be prepared to “break the seal” early to help your body clear out those yummy alcohol toxins from your body.

Tip two = The Morning After Pill:

And no not referring to ‘’that’’ type of morning-after pill. Homeopathic remedies can vary depending on the individual’s symptoms, but the most frequent remedy for overindulgence is called Nux vomica. Made from the seeds of the Strychnos nux-vomica tree, this remedy supports the liver and is used to reduce the side effects of alcohol, rich meals, partying and lack of sleep, all of which are often experienced over the festive season. This remedy is a great one to keep in your home ‘’first aid kits’’ when you wake up feeling under the weather.

Tip three = Au Natural in the Kitchen:

Healthy doesn’t have to mean dull and boring! It can be as simple as squeezing some lemon onto your roast to help with digestion by breaking down the protein and starch. An alternative easy way to switch it up is to have some fruit snacks alongside the baked goodies. Nutritionists and naturopaths have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to preparing healthy alternative foods that taste delicious while also nourishing your body. They can also support your body with digestive enzymes to assist in breaking down the higher levels of fatty and starchy type foods so you can feel your best, less bloated and lethargic.

Tip four = Sweet Supply of Supplements:

While having a balanced healthy diet, keeping hydrated and having a good night’s rest are all important to make you feel chirpy and better after the occasional late night, they might not always cut the mustard after weekend upon weekend of Christmas parties and gatherings. Supplements are fabulous to start incorporating into your daily routine, before, during and after the party season, so get your supplements in you and start now! There are also herbs and nutrients such as Milk Thistle that have been shown to support liver function, inhibiting the activation of inflammatory cells, which assists in the renewal of healthy liver cells. In simpler terms, great for precluding a hangover! Visiting your local homeopath or naturopath is a recommendation to safeguard yourself from feeling lousy post-partying and to stay on the right track to your whole balance of health.

Tip five = Energy Healing, Balancing, and Pressure Points:

If you are looking for some extra help in aligning your body, there are some beautiful healing modalities out there such as Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, and massage, to name just a few. These can work wonders in enabling the body to heal itself. More commonly for hangover situations, acupressure on the liver and gallbladder is helpful, and that’s where acupuncture can be very helpful to aid in moving the flow of Qi around. Reiki works on the whole energy system of the body, mind, and soul. Reflexology is another great option as our feet can tell the story of our body systems and what needs to be looked at. Let’s face it, having a deep massage is good in any situation we put ourselves in!