5 Reasons Your Child Suddenly Changes When School Returns

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5 Reasons Your Child Suddenly Changes When School Returns

The school holidays are great. Children relax. Energy is restored and the best thing is the amount of carefree time to enjoy being a child. I often have clients tell me that their child had a wonderful summer and seemed very relaxed. Then, when it’s time for them to go back to school, the child’s behavior seems to turn upside down.

It’s not only the behavior that can change. Sleep may also become disrupted. Old physical symptoms can come to the forefront again.

Here are 5 reasons in my clinic that can be behind the discord. This list is not exhaustive but some may surprise you.

1. Anxiety/Fear

This is the most obvious reason but doesn’t always display as anxiety. A child cannot always articulate that they are anxious. Instead, there might be behaviours such as tantrums and sleeplessness displayed. Weeping at little things and irritability may also manifest.

Anxieties can have many causes. The child may have unpleasant memories about friends or teachers. If they are moving into a new classroom and are uncertain who their friends will be, this can also cause anxiety. Anxiety can also be generalised. General worries about how it will be for them in any area are common.

2. Friend Issues

This is a big one that I see in my clinic. It is often the cause of all sorts of physical ailments as well as the symptoms above. Friend issues don’t need to be explained as we have all been there. Some children will develop symptoms after their best friend has left the school. There are remedies for becoming sick when they are out of communication with loved ones.

So, sometimes it’s grief that is undermining their constitution. Other times it’s feeling left out. Politics is alive and well even at the primary school level! We all need to be loved, valued and accepted. It’s really hard to turn up to a workplace everyday where we may be ostracised or bullied. If let go on too long, it can have detrimental effects on a child’s self-esteem that lasts well into adulthood.

The right remedy for a child who has friend issues helps them form healthier friendships. Quite often they will stop being the target of bullying as well. They will also find it easier to move away from the discord.

3. Leaving Mum and Siblings

This one is gorgeous. When asked what the worst thing for the child is at drop off, they reply that they want to stay home with mum. This might be a fear of missing out on the action at home, especially if there are other younger siblings. Other times, they are in their happy place when they are with their Mama.

There will be other indications in their case of the correct remedy to deal with this. I have put this as a reason because even the most confident of children can sometimes just want to be at home with mum. The love is strong!

The right remedy allows them to appreciate all the new and fun adventures they can have at school. Helping the child gently let go of what they might be missing out on so they can settle into the new term easily.

4. Determination

Some children are determined. Tenacious. Strong-willed. Obstinate even.

These children prefer not to be told what to do. They want what they want. Restrictions of school and its rules and regulations do not sit well with these ones.

This always makes me smile. How I love to see a strong will in a being. It’s so important for making one’s way in life. Yet, until they are at the age where they have a choice, the right remedy will help take the edge off their resistance. It will help the child flow with the situation instead of railing against it.

The right remedy will allow the appropriate use of will rather than obstinacy.

5. Teething, Hormones or Other Development

We tend to forget that our children after the age of 6 until 11 years old are teething and growing. Both of these developments will move forward in fits and starts. Hormones will be increased at different times as their bodies begin to change.

When these developmental changes occur there can be extra tiredness and irritability. Sleep may change and extra sensitivity to situations may appear.

When we take a child’s case, we must always take into account the stage of development that is occurring. Sometimes the child needs a remedy that supports their body deeply in this way. This allows the balance to be restored and behaviour and energy improve.

If your child is suffering the ‘back to school blues’ then bring them in for a consultation. They can get back to being their light-hearted selves…as children should be.

Please stay in scope of practice, if you are unsure what a remedy can do or what to take, please contact your local qualified homeopath and book in an appointment.

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Lee-Anne McCall
The Healing Haven Homeopathic Dispensary